Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Intaglio- in short- is a process in which you are basically creating a really complicated stamp. For the pieces I will show, I etched into copper plates- using both acid techniques and non-acid techniques- making an engraved image onto the plate. You then ink up the plate and roll it through a press with a piece of wet paper, leaving the inked up image onto your paper. It's a really time consuming and tedious process, but it makes such a lovely image. Print makers will print an "edition", or number of copies of the image and then destroy the plate. So each intaglio print is an original. Here are the few pieces I made.

This print is based off home I saw in Colonia, Uruguay. It was in a very touristy part of the town- as touristy as Uruguay gets- and it just seemed so out of place, and maybe abandoned. This print is 11" x 14" and has an edition of 3.

This print is taken from a blind contour drawing of some type of odd flower. I took the drawing and refined it, taking away and adding lines and forms where needed to create a successful composition. This print is 11" by 14"and has an edition of 3.

This print was inspired by the last print. I wanted to deconstruct and re-make societies impression of a cliche still life. So I drew a blind contour drawing of some dying sunflowers, drew a very childish and two dimensional floating vase, and set it on some scaffolding in what can be assumed to be a construction sight. This print is 10" x 13" and has an edition of 6.

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