Friday, March 30, 2012

Bronze piece

I love natural, organic forms. It was fascinating/frustrating to learn how to cast in bronze, but I was happy with the end result.

In terms of size I can hold this sculpture in one hand.

Balance series

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Reception for BYU Art Exhibit

Last night I had my reception for my show that is on campus- which by the way will be up for another week if you couldn't make it yesterday. So much love and support from my friends and family, they're all so great.

 This piece is an installation on miracles that Brittany and I were both a part of.

The small studies came before the big oil paintings. This is the artist statement on the wall going along with my show...

"This body of work began as a group of organic, intuitive, and
expressive paintings on paper. After long battles with my tools, I was
frustrated and directionless with the chaotic and confusing results.
Upon throwing out these disappointments, I noticed some precious
sections within the chaos containing beautiful composition and form.
When complemented with collaged color fields and balancing elements,
they became complete. With a new perspective, in a different context,
they made sense. Had I jumped to painting the large panels and skipped
this essential process, the work would not have evolved or arrived at
the same end result.

I see this process and body of work as a parallel to finding balance,
peace and happiness in our lives.  Happiness requires a certain
harmony and reconciliation with the good and the bad, the positive and
the negative, the expected and the unexpected. The Taoist philosophy
of the yin and yang states that the universe operates through the
interaction of these two opposite yet complementary natural forces.
One is not valued over another, and each is equally vital for the
balanced functioning of the world. While we strive to attain those
experiences that we trust will bring us happiness and joy, the
adversity to come is inevitable. I believe if we can accept this
balance and are willing to see all of our experiences with a refreshed
perspective- and a hope to one day more fully understand them- we can
achieve peace and serenity within ourselves."

I will be having another show at Gallery 468 on April 6th at 5pm. So if you didn't make it last night this is your opportunity to see the show before I move it with me to Portland next month.


Thursday, March 22, 2012


I have been bad lately about putting pictures of my work up, but within the next couple days I'll get it all up here. Here's a photo of one of my newest sculptures titled "Imports". I acquired a lot of these beautiful burlap sacks from a local chocolate company, found the blue beam in the back of the sculpture building, and borrowed some rusty nails from my teacher. The only thing I bought was the yarn.

I know you can see the people's hands holding it up, but until it's actually displayed this will have to do :) I would love to do a whole show continuing with this idea...

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Art at Communal

I went into Communal with my husband this morning for brunch. I brought my camera just to take a few pictures of them on display and noticed my large 3' x 3' painting was not hung up. As it turns out, on Thursday a gentleman from out of town loved it, bought it, and shipped it home!

Check out these photos from the restaurant.

Luckily I took this photo on my phone before this morning, but this is the one that sold.

There's lots of beautiful art in there right now, go check it out!